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Kristin Tinsley

Kristen Tinsley is a gifted singer/songwriter from Georgia.

Kristin began singing at the age of four, but instead of concentrating on music, she turned instead to athletics.

All through high-school and college, Kristen excelled at cheerleading and volleyball.

Kristin returned to Atlanta and decided to pursue her earliest love, music.  She participated in, and eventually hosted, open mics for Open Mic Atlanta.

Kristin said, 'Open mics gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in myself.  The experience that I gleaned will never be forgotten.'  She continued, 'I still love hosting open mics.  It's a great way to break-in new music and gain new fans.'

Kristin regularly hosts open mics and plays-out professionally in the Atlanta Area.

Check out the beautiful voice and amazing song-crafting of Kristin Tinsley!

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